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Generate income online asap within these 4 categories with ZERO skill required


What you’ll learn in today’s show

BBO.SHOW #6 – Generate income online asap within these 4 categories with ZERO skill required

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Hey Harms & Kyle here, thanks for watching today’s show.

What you will have learned in today’s show:

  • How to generate income online without needed any skills
  • How to best leverage the BIG list of 200 ways to make cash online
  • 4 core categories to choose from when implementing these techniques
  • Discover some unknown ways to make money online
  • Plus more

The focus area is: online income generation without any skills.

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BBO.SHOW #6: Generate income online asap within these 4 categories with ZERO skill required

Harms: We are talking about a technique which is really focused on giving you guys the tools in order to be able to generate an online income as soon as possible.

That’s the key.

Kyle researched and put together a big list, which is essentially 200 different ways which are categorized in different ways.

In terms of ease, time, skill set required. Essentially, some of those there can actually generate you an income very, very quickly without any skill set required.

The tools that we want to talk about are general and essentially you don’t need a specific skill, they are not specifically skill orientated.

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Introduction to making money online with no skills required

Kyle:  These are methods that do not require any particular skills, they then require your time and existing resources you already have.

A lot of these will not make large amounts of cash and I’m saying this upfront that is because they don’t require any particular skill, anybody can jump in and do them and as a result of that, there’s a lot of supply for demand that these companies have.

The cost per task or the cost per piece of work you do is going to be quite low. 

That said, they can be done in such volume that it’s possible to piece together a few hundred pounds a month. It is possible without any skills, just using a computer and Internet connection to start doing a lot of these things today to start getting a bit of pocket money, a bit of extra cash coming in the door.

Whether or not these particular methods are going to be worth it for you depends really on your personal situation, on your expenditure, how much you’re spending.

£300 a month or £40 a month extra for some people might not be worth the time but for other people it could be life changing.

Because we’re not necessarily only talking to people in the UK these amounts of money can be earned globally. 

So maybe if you’re in the UK this isn’t much money, but if you are in another part of the world that’s a substantial amount of cash.

Harms: These are not mine and Kyle’s favourite tactics, techniques because what they are is they do allow you to generate an income of a tiny amount, tiny to low rather

Kyle: Depending on your personal situations.

If you are in the Philippines right now and you get paid this amount of money that could be quite a lot. 

It is just compared to the minimum wage in a country like the UK.

Harms: There is no judgement on that level of income because we are all in a different situation.

But if you can implement one of these strategies and it is able to cover your Wi-Fi bill for the month, cover your Netflix subscription, if it is able to cover some kind of bill you have that comes out on a weekly basis.

There’s no judgement. 

The assumption is that online business must generate loads of cash and unless it generates loads of cash it’s a complete failure, which is absolute nonsense.

This is very much bringing your awareness on all of the kinds of things that are out there.

Think of it as bringing an awareness to the surface of all of these things that are available out there that we may not be aware of beforehand, but also allows you to get your creative juices flowing.

Of course the income will build as we go throughout this guide, but the reason for that is you need a skill set attached to that. 

Whether it’s professional, whether it’s creative.

Kyle: It’s just like any business you need to be providing value.

When the task doesn’t require any skill set it can be done by anyone.

It will be done by a lot of people and that devalues the worth of that task, whereas the things like business consultation or logo design, or article writing, for example. 

These require certain skills and therefore you’ll get rewarded higher for them.

Some important disclaimers of the list that we have compiled, we are not endorsing any of this.

What we’ve done is we’ve tried our best to filter out, being polite about the rubbish.

Harms: Like with anything you’re going to subscribe to, sign up to, anything you’ll generate an income from doing your own due diligence.

Does it align with your values?

Does it align with how you would like to make money?

All of these things are important but that’s on you.

The intention is surveying and bringing you awareness of all the amazing things that are out there that you just may not have been aware of. 

Like renting out your bandwidth.

Who would have thought, you spent a lot of time using a percentage of your band width, actually most of us in the UK do. 

Those on a hundred-megabyte connections with fibre, you lucky people. You are not using that, no way.

Kyle:  Especially when you’re sleeping.

It is an unused resource that you are paying for. So renting it out is a no brainer.

What I would say is if there is anything that is interesting go look it up, go look at their website. Go to Google. 

This is how you technically do it, you type the name of the company, plus reviews or the name the company plus, is it worth it just to find out what other people are saying about it.

That’s a particularly good way to see if something is legit, to see if something actually pays out a decent amount of cash for the time.

Harms: With reviews the best way I found to just identify if a review is legit or the best way for it to seem rational to me is, avoid the five stars, avoid their one and two stars.

These are two extremes of someone’s opinion one is extremely unhappy and people voice their concern.

You’ve got the other extreme, which is this is the best thing I’ve ever done. It might be fake, but also it didn’t tell me much, so the three and four stars are a nice place to understand because those people have spent some time reviewing and they’re giving you a rational opinion.

Kyle: Also in the big list I’ve tried to roughly include how much money you can make from it. Really hard to compare them because some things take you a minute to do and you get paid a dollar.

Some things you might have several hours spread over several weeks or maybe even your bandwidth over a month.

It is very hard to nail everything down to a per hour, or a per minute income. 

I’ve tried my best so basically, there’s like a one-dollar sign for doesn’t pay very much, two-dollar signs for it’s fine and three for you can actually make some good money with that.

I’ve also marked if they are trivial so things you can do automatically like renting your bandwidth for example.

Whether they’re easy, medium, or hard, and again depends on your skill level, you’re going to be better at things than certain people.

We are going to be opening up the list for user submissions and comments and stuff like that, so hopefully we can use that crowdsourcing information to refine it.

Because nobody has actually put together a big list like this or when they have, it’s mainly because they’re trying to push a particular service which we’re not really doing.

Harms: What I love about this list is anything that requires upfront cash or that requires dangerous or psychological factors that’s been taking off.

Kyle:  If it’s too good to be true. If somebody says you’re going to make $2,000 from home in an hour, exercise caution.

Harms:  In online business, digital marketing there’s no silver bullet.

There’s no magic pill that you can take, ultimately everything requires time, effort and skills.

We’re not saying these things don’t work but we’re saying just approach them with common sense, due diligence and then make a decision for yourself.

Is that the kind of business that you would like to start?

How quickly will you actually see revenue? Just ask yourself these questions.

Kyle: That’s the disclaimer and the methodology with which we’ve put this list together.

We want to offer you all the options to show you all the different things you can do, but if there’s something that is just obviously crappy, or if there is a nugget of value in there but it’s surrounded by a lot of predatory companies or lot of predatory practices, then we’ve just left it off.

So yes this is a disclaimer, but it’s also us generally putting together a list and saying we’re only going to give stuff that is valuable but still do your due diligence.

Selling what you already have

Kyle: The first one is not really a business, it’s about generating cash quickly. Whether you need a cash injection to feed your household, which is fair at the moment. 

Or, and this is more interesting, maybe you are thinking about setting up a business, maybe you want to get a website built, or you want to put together an e-commerce shop.

Whatever it is, and you need some cash to get that done quickly, chances are there’s a lot of stuff in your house, which is worth that amount of money.

You can sell things online in order to release cash invested into a project. Whatever you are using the cash for there’s a few different platforms we can use.

This isn’t really a business.

This is just about looking around your house and you’ll probably be quite surprised there is a lot of stuff there which is worth money and you’re not using it.

Harms: Essentially what we’re doing is in the process of using the people’s techniques, clearing some of the clutter we then generate cash as a result of that. 

And that cash can be used for your livelihood and it can also be used to help set up things like Kyle has said.

Kyle: Depending on which country you are in there’s going to be classified ads, classified listings. In the UK we have a website called Gumtree also Shpock. In America it’s going to be Craigslist.

These are the most direct classified ads, you take a photo of your item and you put a price on it and a description then you stick it up there. It’s a bit hit and miss because one, a lot of it’s done face-to-face. People will come and pick up the item and give you cash. Not really working anymore because of the lockdown.

But also it depends on people happening to see your item and needing that at the moment.

The good thing about those classified ad sites is you generally get to keep 100% of the sale. You can pay for a listing, etcetera but still you’re taking the full amount.

Very general, very wide, but it might work for your items.

Harms: If I were to give you a tip with this I would say number one have the picture of the actual item but also have the picture and the price images of the original item.

I bought mine from and those items were still on the website. Got loads of reviews and the price is what it is on the website. Assume the washing machine was £500, I was selling it for £300 but I took the images off the main site. 

So they had this professional looking image with the reviews and captured how much it is officially in the shops and then my own picture. So they’ve got something to compare this to.

This is a washing machine from 20 years ago well no, they’re still selling this washing machine online and it’s worth £500 and I’m getting it for £250, £300. 

That tactic I’ve used for years and it seems to work quite well.

Kyle: If you are looking for a wider reach and then you’re going to post it to people rather than them coming to you, which is going to be a bit easier to do nowadays because, again with lockdown.

Amazon marketplace and eBay work very well and a higher chance of selling, but they’re going to take a percentage. 

It’s going to depend on the items, something like a fridge the person is going to have to come and look at it and take it away with them.

If it’s clothing, jewellery, etcetera then eBay and Amazon marketplace and Facebook Marketplace are all going to work.

They are the general sites, another is called pre-loved in the UK.

All of these different places you can use to sell items in your home in order to generate cash right now.

What I want to talk about more specifically though, are specific niche sites where you can for a particular product category, a lot of these specific sites, they will have an app on the telephone where you can just.

I’ll use Ziffit as an example. 

It has an app on your telephone where you can scan the barcodes on each of your books and I think they do DVDs and video games as well, but mainly books.

You can scan them all and it tells you immediately on screen how much it’s worth, and then you take all those books and you’ve agreed you want to sell them, stick them in a box and they will pick up the box for free. 

They just make it so much faster.

You could list all of those books on amazon, you could list all of those books on eBay and sell them one by one by one, but you don’t want to be packaging each book up and sending it off just to make a few quid each time.

Harms: I would agree partially because it depends on how much time you have, what your scenario is. Is that additional four quid you might make by selling it individually worth it?

Whereas I am more like you Kyle where I would put this all in a box and get rid of it. You can sell it for me and give me a smaller percentage.

Kyle: Ziffit takes a cut to you getting a low price.

If you sold the book directly on eBay maybe you could sell it for 5 pounds, whereas if you scan it on Ziffit maybe they offer you two pound.

You make less but the convenience of just throwing it all in a box and them picking it up is just massive.

Harms: I would say with videogames I would say try to sell them asap. 

The video game industry is changing subscription models; they give away free games every month. I would say if you’ve got video games right now they’ll be worth more than in six months’ time.

Kyle: For games you can also look at music magpie and in the UK.

Harms: Cex computer exchange.

Kyle: Old telephones a lot of people have old model iPhones and Samsung and they’re never going to be used. 

There is Buyback Boss, there’s Orchard, there’s Gazelle, there’s Swappa. I’ve got them all in the list of which country it is.

Harms: Again we’ve not used all of these, but we’ve done this research for you so you’ve got categories.

Kyle:  Find the one for your country. 

Plus, if there’s multiple ones in your country, you just check them all and see which gives you thes best result.

Clothing is a massive one.

Until a few days ago I did not know this was such a large market especially things like used wedding dresses, a massive market. 

In the UK there is Vinted and in the USA it’s Tradesy.

It might be worth looking at Marie Kondo. She has a Netflix series where she has you pick up all your items and ask yourself, does this bring me joy?

For the majority of us, 80 – 90% of stuff in our house is just clutter. 

To be able to take all of that stuff to unburden yourself physically by getting rid of it and generate cash at the same time it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Harms: Number one as a category is selling something that you already own for cash and there’s a few different methods, different places for what is general and then number two is categories.

Get paid for your human opinion – ‘Get Paid To do XYZ sites’

Harms: The next category is, rather than selling an item we are now exchanging ourselves for time. 

We’re selling ourselves not for the skill set but for time and attention, not our physical self.

Kyle: There’s a whole category of websites and they are called GPT or get paid to.

This wide GPT umbrella is used because it can be paid to do so many different things. It could be watching a video online. It could be clicking on some links. 

It could be filling out surveys, it could be focus groups. It could be downloading the game on your android phone, playing it for 10 minutes to get to level two and then uninstalling it.

It could be so many different things.

Businesses out there require these tasks to be done and they need to be done by actual human beings rather than by computers, there are these GPT sites get paid to sites, which basically farmout these tasks to hundreds of thousands or millions of people.

If a business needs a hundred thousand survey responses, they will get one of these GPT sites to send it out to a mass amount of people and each person who completes the survey, for instance, will get paid $0.50.

Harms: This is very good for people who have time on their hands and to explore.

Kyle:  But also a lot of these things can be done while you’re watching Netflix or you’re doing something else, or you’re on the cycling machine doing exercise.

A lot of these are extremely low attention requirements and as a result of this, because anyone can do them because they don’t require much skill or attention, or even time.

Each of these tasks will be extremely low paid, we’re talking about it could be five cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, a dollar or two.

It depends on the tasks, but the name of the game is volume.

If you’re going to complete surveys you need to complete 100 surveys to make your hundred dollars. 

There are a lot of websites that provide these tasks and there’s a huge range of different things, and a huge range of how much is paid.

Obviously, the ones that pay well are going to be snapped up a lot quicker.

When I’m saying surveys it’s like one or two questions you have to click on, it’s a short survey. Very different to focus groups which actually requires you to generally jump on a live video.

Surveys are extremely quick, very low and there are also a lot of different websites. The big ones are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. They are the major players in this area.

I would advise you just go and check out to see which ones are available to you. 

A lot of them are restricted depending on your country or the language you speak, some will only take people in the US.

Some will only take people in Europe and some will have different language requirements etcetera. But the big ones start with Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

One warning though, a lot of them, and we did allude to this earlier, a lot of them do not pay cash, but will pay you in points and the points can be redeemed for vouchers, telephone credit, amazon gift cards etcetera.

If you are happy to be paid in those kinds of currencies fine these are good ways to reduce your costs, but I would say look for ones that payout in PayPal.

Harms: That is the purpose of today’s show, which is how do we generate cash.

Kyle: The next category in GPT is testing. 

It tends to be tech testing. So if I am a company who has a website or I have an app I need to make sure that the user flow, user experience for my website or my application works. 

For that I need testers, I need people to use the website, I need them to try sign up for user accounts and see if that works. See if they receive emails, etcetera so it’s tech testing.

There are a few ways it’s done.

The most popular is basically you have an application on your computer and it will record your screen and it will record your webcam while you talk through the process of using the website. 

You just talk through your thought process.

Because this requires a bit more skill, a bit more time you tend to get paid a bit more.

There’s one called user testing. 

They pay about $10 for each 20-minute test. In an hour you could do three tests, that’s $30 an hour. That’s about £20.

Harms:  The downside to this is there is not going to be as much available as a survey side of things, but if you are looking for this on a constant basis you’re definitely grabbing a few of these opportunities and making a bit of extra cash.

Number two is now focusing on a focus group, a research group and they’ll pay you £50. Maybe you use something or try a product that they have and then they’ll give you a cheque for £50.

That was the old way to do it, but how have they adapted now due to lockdown?

Kyle: I think even before the lockdown most of this has moved online.

If it’s a physical product they will send you the product, you will play around with it sometimes you get to keep the products which is a nice bonus. 

They do the same thing they get a bunch of people in on a live call, zoom call or whatever it is, where again you use your camera and you are talking about the product.

Whether it’s a digital product that they asked you to use or whether it’s a physical product but you give them your time, you talk about the product with them and it’s a live session.

The testing would be just recording your screen and you talking to a camera.

Whereas focus groups tend to be not always, they will tend to be a live session.

Harms: There will be some somebody else on the other side who’s asking you questions, quizzing you about your experience and your product.

Kyle: Another is similar to surveying but a bit different and you can do reviewing. There can be online reviews, there’s one called Slice the pie.

It was set up initially for music reviews, they have expanded that now so it has products.

Five star-ohms and Nice rebate, these ones are mainly about amazon reviews and what they do is they get requests from companies who are selling things on amazon who want honest reviews of their products.

What happens is you buy the product on amazon using your money. 

The product is sent to you, you review it, you feedback to Nice rebate or Five star-ohms and then these review companies will refund you, so you get the money.

Plus a bit extra for doing the review so this is a really good way of getting free stuff, if you want free stuff.

Harms: That was focused on human exchange but it requires very low attention all the way up to actually you need to put a bit of effort into it, but again it doesn’t require any skill.

Focus groups the reviewing process, there’s a bit of effort involved there.

Get paid for completing tasks online

Harms: Number three is task-based and again, you don’t need a lot of skill, but slightly different this is a task-based process where now we are fulfilling a specific task that somebody is requiring and they will then give you cash in return for that.

Kyle: It is becoming a bit more skill-based, so we tend to get paid a bit more for these, so there are things like micro task engines.

Micro task might be something like data entry or spelling corrections or listening to an audio clip and identifying certain words used in it. 

Something that is very quick can be done in a few seconds and it’s done in massive high-volume and is it worthwhile for the company to farm it out.

Might be things like bleating captures things where it says find the streetlight.

Lots of AI companies want humans to fill out those kinds of quizzes because that helps them to train their artificial intelligence algorithm.

They’ll show you lots of pictures and say which one of these is a woman and you have to press the one that is a woman and all of that goes back to them to help train AI.

For you and your side it means you sit at a computer and you answer lots of very short questions, queries and for each one you get paid a small amount. 

Generally the micro tasks tend to be specifically for businesses who are trying to outsource a business process.

Harms: The work is slightly different because for the survey you are responding to a set of questions whereas a task is your completing a task for a business function, so the output is slightly different.

The input probably requires the same amount of effort and time.

Kyle: The big player here is Amazon, and in particular Amazon has a division called mechanical turk or Mturk.

You can sign up relatively difficult to get verified most of the people who work for them want them to be in the US, Canada, or Europe. So if you are in those locations, that’s fantastic. 

There’s another one called click worker, which is a bit more open globally.

The pay for the tasks is going to vary wildly. 

Mechanical Turk have things like translation tasks, it might be rapid translation of individual words or sentences or whatever it is, something like that which requires specific skills will actually pay a decent amount.

Whereas something that just requires you to have eyes and clicking on the pictures will not be very much. 

But they have the job boards which tell you how much you get paid for each task you do and how many tasks are available.

Now we’re moving into even higher reward and a bit more skill based.

There are companies that require an excellent search engine review and social media review, search engine work basically auditing or evaluation. 

Let’s say I run Sainsbury’s and I want to make sure that I show up in a google search result to buy food in Chelmsford, whatever it is.

They want to know when somebody types in to buy food in Chelmsford, what kind of things are they seeing on the screen?

What things are they clicking on?

How does the search engine so google displaying this data to people around the world?

This is very valuable information for them, but they don’t necessarily want to send somebody to Chelmsford to do that search query.

There are agencies and you need to apply for some of them, I think leap force in particular actually has an entrance exam. 

You need to study and learn how to formulate the reports that they send back to their clients. They are much harder to get into.

However, once you do, they are apparently I haven’t used any of these needs, but from the research I have been doing they are apparently very consistent. 

You continue to get hours of work.

A lot of the tasks we are talking about are ad hoc. So yes, one month you might make a few hundred dollars, but then the next month there is nothing.

With LionBridge and Leap force you tend to get a consistent amount of work if you want it. In terms of the pay, it’s about minimum wage about $10, $12 dollars an hour.

It depends on the skill level and if you’re with them for longer you can progress and some of the jobs I saw some for $22 an hour. 

Which is fine because again, this is the stuff you’re doing at home, it’s still not massive time or skill required.

So search engine testing or social media evaluation is the other one.

If you have an Instagram account for example, certain companies will want you to use your Instagram account to access their content. 

They want to see how you see it and see what your experience is with it.

Harms: One that we included probably more useful for after lockdown are physical tasks.

Kyle: This is an interesting one because yes, these are going to be more useful after lockdown, but for some people, when we get the antibody or the antigen test and we know that some people are now immune plus not carrying, these are going to be very relevant.

These are physical tasks where people are needed out in the world to go do something, it could be collecting someone’s shopping.

It could be I need somebody to come and fix my leaky tap.

Harms: Somebody to come hoover my carpet, and clean around the house.

Kyle: Very small tasks and odd jobs really but there are platforms online to make it easy to find them now.

Like Task Rabbit and Shepper.

As we said a lot of these are not going to be relevant during the lockdown because there is a physical movement, but in the next few months as that starts to release there will be some people who cannot go out still, who might need additional support.

Maybe this is a useful way to help provide that while getting paid at the same time.

Harms: I feel like there’s going to be a strong demand for it because how say if I needed a service doing physically delivering food, how do I find somebody trusted somebody who’s been vetted, somebody who I don’t have to hand physical cash over to because that’s also a big challenge in this new economy.

Allow someone else to pay them and handle that for the service and I can independently review their service as well.

Things like task rabbit and other similar companies are going to be I personally feel in demand.

The final one is mystery shopping.

Kyle: This is a really weird one.

Harms: It is for after lockdown as well.

Kyle: This is a nice way to earn a little bit of extra cash while going around your normal day-to-day life. 

These are a bit like testing but physical shops so there will be small jobs, you’ll be paid a pound to go and buy a crunchie from the local spa and you need to take a photo of the crunchie on its stand, and then you maybe take photo of the crunchie’s receipt. 

That’s all you need to do that counts as mystery shopping.

Maybe you need to give some feedback on the service you received when buying the crunchie, it depends as there are going to be different jobs, but you’ll make an amount of money for doing that.

There are now apps for doing this which again, make it easy.

You could have a bunch of these on your telephone, you get notifications of things in your area. Field agent, Be my eye click and walk again they are in the list, but that’s another way to make a few extra quid.

Harms: That’s probably one for after lockdown unless there are some unique jobs that have appeared.

Get paid for renting out resources

Harms:Number four which is the final one on our list in order to make you cash asap is renting out resources.

This is essentially renting out something that you already have that exists for a fee.

The world of renting economies is going to grow massively in the future, especially in big cities. Think about how often you use your car, how often do you use your parking space?

How often are you using an item?

Even down to how often do you use your SLR camera?

Do you just use it on vacation and is it just sitting on your shelf the rest of time?

Can we monetise our pieces of equipment, resources to the greatest possible effect during idle time, during the time it is not being used.

That’s really the focus of this final part.

Kyle: This is a massive industry and a lot of it is locked off because of lockdown. 

But you can do AirBnb if you have a spare room; you can rent it out and make a solid income.

There’s also a parking space rental that is 

You can loan out stuff so your DSLR is a great example, you may be using it a couple of weeks a year, the rest of time instead of someone else going out and buying a £2,000, £3,000 camera they can borrow yours and they can pay you.

Harms: Some companies actually have their own equipment which they rent out. We are just replicating that model.

Kyle: You can loan your car; it can be unlocked by people who have the app. They use your car while you’re not using it.

All of these things are fantastic and that’s a big thing for the future.

It’s looking around your house and thinking what stuff am I using and what can I sell?

You can also have that discussion with how much can I rent?

I only use it one-week a year. So that stuff is great and there’s a lot of different ways to do that.

What I want to talk about now is renting resources in your home which don’t require you to leave the house.

Mainly computational or bandwidth rental.

Two different things.

Bandwidth rental is if you have broadband or you have fibre optic you can rent out your excess bandwidth.

In the UK this works because we don’t tend to have data caps whereas in America, not so much as they do have data caps. Data caps have been removed right now during quarantine.

We have PacketStream, we have honey gain, so these two they rent it on a per gigabyte basis. It’s $0.10 per gigabyte, so 10 gb gets you a dollar. 

Not very much, but again, if you’re not using it overnight it’s an extra dollar.

Generally, they’ll pull down 10 to 15 gb a day, so that’s 1.45 dollar per day. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up.

There is FluidStack, they are a bit different.

They pay you depending on the speed of your internet. 

Upto 200 mb per second is five-dollar month. If you’ve got 500 mb per second or more it’s $50 a month, so you can make bank depends entirely on how fast your internet is.

This is only useful if you’ve got fibre but they mainly do their stuff like overnight when you’re not using it, so they have a piece of software which sits on your computer and it’s making sure that it only pulls down data when you’re not using it.

You can have it on your phone, multiple devices.

This is apparently how you make good, decent money out of it; you have it on multiple lines. 

You can have six devices linked to one account so you can make quite a lot of money.

Computational is about computer power.

There are two companies in particular, which I found many others out there. One is called Kryptex; it’s a currency mining platform they need processing power to mine bitcoin.

You don’t need to worry about what any of that means you are just renting your computer. 

They require a computer with a good GPU and that’s a graphic processing unit, so if you have a modern pc with a really good graphics card, generally a gaming pc, then they will pay you to use that graphics card when you’re not using it.

They will test your computer specifications and then give you an idea of how much you can get paid overnight.

The second one I looked into which seems a deal is Loadteam.

They use your cpu, so not your graphics card they are using your processor. 

You can do this even if you have a laptop it just needs any computer. It looks like $10-$20 a month or so, depending on how fast your cpu is.

Again if you have multiple computers you could potentially have a few of them running things you need to make sure the cost of your electricity bill doesn’t go up too much.

Harms: So number one is selling something really simple, a physical item.

Number two is providing your human input to provide a function for somebody.

Number three is actually exchanging your time to complete a task, typically for a business function.

Number four is actually renting out a resource, anything from a camera all the way to renting out your broadband, your cpu or gpu on your laptop, computer.

These are realistic income figures, but if you start to stack them say you did one thing from number one, one thing from number two, one thing from number three and one thing from number four, now you potentially have got yourself 50 to 150 dollars or pounds, or the currency in your world a month.

Kyle: If you are doing the surveys every day you could probably make another $50 a month. 

If you did pick up a focus group or you manage to get into the testing then that can jump up. If you pick up a focus group that is $100 a month.

Let’s say you get one every two months that’s another $50.

Harms: Then the number three which is micro-tasks,

Kyle: Again, it’s going to depend if you manage to get on Appen or Lionbridge you can get consistent work for an hour a day.

Potentially, that could be another $150 a month

Harms: Now we’ve got number four, which is renting out something, a resource.

Kyle: 50 bucks a month depending on how aggressive you are and how many computers and internet connections you use.

If you get aggressive with that you could make a few hundred quite easily.

Harms: If you put some effort and explore these things and check out the big list, you’re looking at about $300-$320 a month which is fantastic.

Kyle: We are talking about an hour a day really.

Harms: There are options there.

These are low skilled, so yes, there’s going to be a learning curve for some of these items. 

Yes, there’s going to be setup time and a process you have to go through as vetting or verification, or downloading an app on your phone, whatever it is.

That’s fine once it’s done, there is not much skill required.

What that means is your energy levels on this is actually very minimal and that’s the key, your thought energy can be spent on your normal work, your family, whatever’s going on over there.

This is something that happens in the background because it requires a lower thought energy and the only thing out there which sticks out which is after lockdown which will be physical tasks like mystery shopping, task rabbit.

But again you’re going to get paid more for that.

It’s about how we can make money with the least amount of energy, the least amount of processing power in our mind and still generate cash, which is why the income is comparative to that level of energy as well.

So the businesses are aware of that when they are paying out.

What you have learned so far:

  • How to generate income online without needed any skills
  • How to best leverage the BIG list of 200 ways to make cash online
  • 4 core categories to choose from when implementing these techniques
  • Discover some unknown ways to make money online
  • Plus more



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