Right now my business partner and myself have committed ourselves to writing one blog article each every single day. Knowing how to choose a blog topic on digital marketing on a daily basis is tough but we know that writing every single day is the key to success.

Why? In the world of SEO consistency is key. Google wants to see new fresh content all the time. Google is super greedy. And we must feed it yummy content.

blog topic for digital marketing

This is not an article about SEO and how to get that good good Google juice.

Instead it’s an article about HOW to write a tonne of content fast. Specifically it’s about how to choose a topic on digital marketing.

This article is very much “opening the kimono” (man, I hate that term!). I’m going to talk about what I do on a daily basis to come up with a blog topic every single day.

One note – these are tips and tools for rapid and efficient blog writing for SEO: in order to drive traffic and revenue. We’re here to build an online business, not to be the next Shakespeare.

Don’t wait for inspiration

First up an important lesson for any creative endeavour.

Do NOT wait for inspiration.

Don’t think that the gods of creativity are going to come and bless you today and make it easy to write.

Writing, like any creative endeavour, is about putting the damn work in.

If you are in the business of any form of creation I’d definitely recommend checking out Stephen King’s On Writing. In it King talks about how creativity is a job and how to do that job well.

If you’ve ever sat and stared at a blank page (or WordPress blog editor!) you know the difficulty on being creative on the fly.

And if we are doing this as work we can’t just hope that the creative spirit will come to us today. Instead we’ve got to damn-well get started and finish the job.

Getting a blog topic on digital marketing purposes : the basic idea

Instead of sitting and waiting for inspiration start with a prompt.

You know what you need to write about. Or at least the rough area.

In my case I am sitting down to write about “online business” or “digital marketing” or “online income”. Something in these vague realms. Whatever your area of expertise you’ll also have similar keywords and keyphrases. If you don’t then you need to do some SEO research – that’s a topic for another article though.

Just having a rough “area” isn’t enough though. We need to know specifically what sort of thing people are looking to know within these realms. Again we don’t wait for inspiration but use a tool to jumpstart the process.

Tool: Answer the Public

My go-to tool for getting a seed blog topic is Answer the Public. It’s also the main takeaway from this article – if you. go and have a play with the tool then I’m happy!

Basically Answer the Public will take you from a seed keyphrase to a basic blog title.

For instance today (see! Opening the Kimono for sure!) I needed a topic.

Because I was struggling to think of a topic myself I thought “Hmm, maybe an article about HOW to come up with blog topics would be useful!”. Very meta right?

I plugged in the words “blog topic”. Here’s what Answer the Public spat out:

blog topic for digital marketing

This is a single view of the sort of suggestions you can get from Answer the Public.  It gives a lot more detail: including questions, prepositions, comparisons and many other forms of topic expansion.

In this particular case I saw “blog topic on digital marketing” and decided this would be ideal.

Notice the green circles next to particular sentences? Those are (very rough!) indicators of the popularity of a particular search.

Those with dark green circles are popular searches on Google. Those with light green circles are low popularity searches.

These are extremely rough! If you want to get actual search volume Google Adwords (as well as third party tools like SEMrush) are great for this sort of in-depth research.

Remember though that we want a quick and dirty method to get a blog topic idea so we can get on with what we’re here to do: WRITE.

In future articles I’ll talk about the art and science of SEO and content creation. For now though just using Answer the Public to go from topic area to a specific search topic is enough to get you writing.

What are you waiting for? Go play with Answer The Public and get writing! Less research, more doing.


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