There is a big online business misconception to be aware of. It’s important we’re aware of it because you could be consciously (or unconsciously) being held back by the falsehood it creates.

When I say being held back, I really mean – because you believe something to be true, which isn’t, you won’t take action. In the case of my post today – you won’t start an online business.

So let’s debunk this common misconception.

Online business misconception

Often if something looks too good to be true, it almost always is. Unless you have a trained eye.

For example, when Kyle and I provide high-level strategy work for businesses we’ll often come across an opportunity the business can unlock which to the untrained eye looks too good to be true. It’s important to apply due diligence but the first step is always spotting the opportunity.

Now apply this principle to online business and I can absolutely understand why you’d think it’s too good to be true.

Primarily because of the way online business is marketed online by some of the best marketers the world has ever seen (who you can learn a thing or two from for your own business).

One of their intentional or unintentional strategies is to make it all sound way too easy. In fact, often they’ll make it seem like you’ll make a million bucks all whilst sipping on your mai-tai and your mobile within 6 months.

It’s important to note, I have no judgement on their educational programmes that they sell. Good on them. They have a packaged up valuable content in a structure which if followed will produce XYZ result. Great!

But because of this practice, they’ve subsequently created blocks for aspiring online business owners.

So for these aspiring people, their misconception is twofold:

  • #1 – 99% (random number to make a point) of people who purchase an online business programme think it’ll be easy.
  • #2 – Or because it appears too good to be true they’ll just back away from it.

You’ll notice in both cases it looks easy. But how you respond will be different. Both are blocks that stop you from getting started.

So let’s debunk these now.

#1: It’ll be easy

In the moment of starting an online business education programme or an online business. You’ll without a doubt be buzzing. Your excitement will spur you on.

But the thrill of something new can hide the fact that it’ll be tough. The reality is you’ve got to learn something new, implement it and then optimise/iterate. Plus unlike being in a job you’re responsible for your everything. (That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a solid support community around you).

Instead, it’s best when you understand the work required will take a commitment of time and money. This applies to anything in life.

So with this in mind, channel the excitement you’re feeling into doing the work needed to get results.

It won’t be easy! But in most cases – starting an online business programme or launching your business – if you see it through (do the work) you’ll begin to see results.

#2: It’s too good to be true

Anyone who has used a toothpaste that promises whiter teeth in 14 days will know – your teeth never quite look as white as the person’s on the box.

online business misconception
”But on the box, you said I’ll look like this guy.”

I’m not opening up the debate as to whether this is right or wrong.

Instead want to focus on what we can take away from this in relation to online business.

If you’re thinking about starting an online business education programme then just accept that the message is a marketing message. If it helps, just tell yourself if, on a scale of 1 to 10, they’re saying it’s going to be 1 – super easy. Then just add 5 more points to that.

Or (the sensible option) find another provider who’s going to tell you ”this programme will work if you do the work”.

When we sell our programmes we take this to the extreme. We’ll just keep telling you how hard it is to filter out those that won’t be willing to do the work.

The other scenario I mentioned is to get so good at an online business that you can begin to decode opportunities that look too good to be true. Whilst everyone dismisses it, you’ll have the first-mover advantage.

This is why we developed the BATON framework to give ourselves and others that level of understanding so regardless of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ something looks on the surface. We can dig deeper to find the truth.

Summary: Online business misconception busted

I’ve personally invested thousands in ”alternative education” including wealth education. When I saw the plan from end to end I got a result. When I didn’t or decided it was too hard or it wasn’t for me, guess what? I didn’t get a result.

The easy thing would’ve been to blame the trainer/programme/blah blah blah.

If life worked this way. Where you didn’t have to take personal responsibility for anything then we’d be asking for a refund from every personal gym instructor on the planet.

So the message here is before you start out on any venture – be it an online business programme, 30-day fitness plan or an online business launch. Simply make a personal pledge to see it through.

This way you won’t have to worry about misconceptions. Instead, you can worry about doing the work required.

Because it’ll work. If you do.

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