If you’re inspired by incredible Youtubers and are thinking about creating an online business on Youtube yourself then keep reading. There’s an important differentiation to make between Youtube and online business. That is for the most part Youtube is not an online business. Because an online business is in existence to make a profit.

If you grasp this content you’ll increase the chance of making money through Youtube.

What is Youtube then?

Youtube is used within an online business context. It’s a tool for content marketing. In order to drive sales for your business. To help understand things better let’s look at where Youtube would like in our BATON framework.

Online business on Youtube
BATON Framework – Youtube falls into either Audience.

If you’re seeing the BATON framework for the first time, you can learn more by reading Kyle’s post. Ok back to the framework.

Youtube is a tool we’ll use (if it’s relevant for your business) within the Audience stage of BATON framework.

This is because the first stage is Business. Where you’ll fundamentally have defined the value you’ll bring to what market. Only then we’ll work out how to get eyes on our business.

Youtube is therefore one of those tools we can use for getting eyes on our business.

There is another consideration which is, once someone ‘Subscribes’ to your Youtube channel we can now begin classing them as your Tribe. Because here someone has (through Youtube) opted into hearing from you again.

It’s however only the early stages of Tribe. But I don’t want to overcomplicate things so we’ll save that for another post.

So the key in the section is to understand Youtube is not an online business. And remember, videos alone don’t make sales. There has to be an underlying value your bringing to the marketplace.

Using Youtube to get eyes on your online business?

So now we know Youtube first and foremost a tool to help grow our online business. What’s the best way to use it?

The good news is, Youtube as a tool is powerful. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

It’s why it’s understandably mistaken for an online business.

However, its power is in the fact it allows you to access both content marketing and Pay Per Click direct advertising.

It’s this combination of content and direct sales (when done right) that can grow online businesses at a rapid rate.

Once you understand this you’ll better know how to support your online business revenue generation. Because you now understand that the key to making money from Youtube is -to move people from your Youtube content (channel) and adverts, over to your own domain.

For example, your business could be selling merchandise (cool t-shirts and whatnot) and you use your YouTube content to tell people about your latest limited edition merch drop.

As part of your instruction, you’ll be sending them to your eCommerce site so they can buy your one of a kind hoodie. This e-commerce site could be built on WordPress or similar.

The key however is your sending them to your place of business. (In the online world 9 times out of 10 that’s your website).

Summary and long term view

Having Youtube apart of your content marketing and advertising strategy is a solid plan. (If it’s relevant to your business – you’ll discover this at the early stages of BATON: Audience).

And by all means, have it as your primary audience attraction tool. I’m personally a big fan of doubling down on something that works.

However. And there’s a big, however.

Be careful not to build your entire business revenue model of the back of Youtube. The reality is Youtube is not yours. You don’t own it. In fact, if you’re not advertising on Youtube you’re not even their customer. Yes, Yes they care about you. But not as much as they care about advertisers.

So always remember this fact as it’s an important one. Build additional marketing channels within the Audience stage of BATON. Otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of Youtube and its algorithmic Thanos like powers.

Online business on Youtube
Youtube and its Thanos like powers

Whereas moving people away from Youtube into your own domain, say a WordPress site where you can capture details, create a mailing list and talk to your Tribe without the YouTube gatekeeper – will be protecting your business long term.

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