You have what it takes to start an Online Business. The best one you should start is an: Attention-based business 

Well done for completing the Online Business Quiz. Based on your answers, the best online business you should start is an Attention-based business. Also known as Audience Aggregation. Keep reading to learn more about this type of business and your next steps to make it a reality.

What is an Attention-Based Business?

In this form of online business, you focus on capturing an audience’s attention and then selling access to that audience to a third party.

How does it work?

  • Identify a group that you can capture the attention of (your “audience”)
  • Create content to attract and engage this audience’s attention
  • Find third parties who sell products/services that this audience would be interested in
  • Sell access to your audience via advertising, sponsorship, collaborations etc.
  • Collect a % of the revenue

Example of this Type of Business

The most common examples include highly visible “influencers” on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok who aggregate large audiences and then run adverts and sponsorships to generate revenue. When adverts are run against these influencers’ content, the influencer gets a % of the advertising revenue. 

This form of attention-based business can be highly lucrative but depends significantly on your personal charisma and ability to entertain if you have the skills: fantastic! If not though, there are other (often more stable) forms of attention based business that can help you build an online business. 

How much money can you make?

When starting your online business, always go for certain and consistent over uncertain and volatile. 

More subtle forms might include a popular newsletter that goes out regularly to an email list. As a rule of thumb, a quality email list is worth $1/subscriber/month. If you’re looking to generate an extra $5000/month income, you’d only need 5000 subscribers to hit this goal. 

Use the BATON Model

With the BATON model that we teach at BBO, gaining an audience’s attention is essential whatever business you start.  It’s always going to be a part of your online success. This is because before anyone will buy our products/services, they need to know about them! 

Note: In fact, the Audience is so vital that it’s the second part of the BATON system (Business, Audience, Tribe, Offer, Network).

PROS and CONS for this Type of Business


  • Zero start-up costs
  • An essential foundation for all online businesses
  • Can sell access to your audience to existing companies in the market
  • No need for your own products and services
  • No need for you to fulfil customer sales (because promoting other people’s products)


  • Not enough to rely on talent or going “viral” - need a systematic strategy to build an audience.
  • It can be hard to know what audience is valuable and worth building
  • It can be challenging to know what exactly to talk about
  • Selling other people’s products and services means you’ll always take a smaller cut of revenue
  • Building an audience on a larger platform like Youtube or Instagram puts you at the whims of their algorithms


Don't worry you don't need to be the next TikTok sensation to be successful - we instead focus on audience attention-grabbing strategies that anyone can implement to carve out their own space online. We do this using the BATON Model.

How YOU can Get Started and Build Your own Attention-Based Online Business

Now before jumping in, creating TikTok dance videos to grab an audiences attention and then quickly shutting down your account hoping no one you know saw you.

We want you to set off in the right direction and see this through. By learning how to build an Online Business - the right way. From the ground up. Avoiding all the expensive and time consuming mistakes we made when we started 15 years ago.

You can do this by learning the fundamentals. Which in turn will allow you to turn any idea into an automatic money making online business.

So it doesn't matter if you want to build an - attention, resale, service, product or subscription business - it all starts with the BATON Model.

We've created the BATON Model over the last 15 years through - building our own businesses and client business - to the tune of £10's of millions.

The BATON Model walks you through each vital stage an online business must have in place to guarantee financial success.

Here's a visual diagram of each important stage of online business you must set up and have in place:

BATON Model: 5 Key Stages for Any Online Business to be a Success.

In fact, once you learn our BATON Model you'll be able to build any type of online business you want, whenever you want. It's that important to your online business success.

Because let's face it, we're not building a business for fun. We're building it to make money. And if you do it the BATON way, you'll be making automatic money. 

And don't just take out word for it, we've helped 25,000+ people get their online business started using the exact same BATON model you will have the opportunity to access...

Huge pile of information, very specific technical stuff shown and a very realistic and practical approach in general. It's way beyond anything I've seen before.


Great and exact explanation of the world of online business. I secretly laugh to myself when my friends talk to me about online business now. I just know way more than I would have ever imagined.


Although i'm experienced, these guys still bring me back down to earth with their marketing fundamentals. It can be confusing when i'm in the thick of my business so having these guys have my back is great.


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