You have what it takes to start an Online Business. The best one you should start is a: Subscription business 

Well done for completing the Online Business Quiz. Based on your answers, the best online business you should start is a Subscription business. Keep reading to learn more about this type of business and your next steps to make it a reality.

What is a Subscription Business?

A subscription business provides value on a recurring basis for a recurring fee.

How does it work?

  • Provide recurring value
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Continually attract new subscribers to make up for lost subscribers

Example of this Type of Business

A subscription business is any business that continuously delivers value to customers in exchange for a recurring fee. 

The biggest and most well known example of this right now is Netflix. You pay a monthly fee to maintain access to Netflix’s library of programmes. If you stop paying you immediately lose access. Netflix continuously add new programmes and films to maintain their library’s value and to make sure you don’t cancel your subscription. 

Before Netflix we had cable packages and newspapers that implemented subscription models. 

In the world of online business the most popular subscriptions include software subscriptions and membership sites.

The major benefit of a subscription business is the recurring revenue. It’s hard to overemphasise how important this is until you’ve spent time building a business. 

How to make money with this type of business?

Most businesses receive revenue in fits and starts: you land a new client and get a chunk of cash. That’s great, but it means you are constantly hustling for the next client, the next cash injection. Continuously generating new business is a huge time sink and detracts from creating value for existing customers. 

With a subscription business, once a customer has signed up, you know you’ll receive recurring revenue into the future. It takes the pressure off a little. 

Subscription revenue also adds up fast. Let’s say that you are charging a subscriber £10/month. By itself, this is very small - you’re not going to be retiring to a beach on that any time soon. But as you add subscribers, it mounts up quickly. 

  • 100 subscribers would mean £1000/month or £12,000 a year. 
  • 500 subscribers would mean £5000/month or £60,000 a year
  • 2000 subscribers would mean £20,000/month or £240,000 a year

And so on.

And these sort of subscriber numbers are not wild at all. When operating online, a subscriber count of 2000 people is small. Remember you have access to global markets.

Obviously, this recurring revenue is not forever (unless your subscription offer is really good!). People will drop out. We call this “churn” - the rate at which subscribers cancel their subscriptions. 

Use the BATON Model

The question you might be asking right now is what exactly you put inside your subscription. This is a great question! It needs to be something that is not only valuable but that remains valuable month by month. 

For this reason, we often recommend setting up a subscription as a later part of your online business. First get your various other forms of value (products, services etc.) up and running and selling. Prove that these are valuable to your customers. Build up a catalogue of value. Then combine all of that value into a subscription package. 

Instead of buying all your various products and services individually, customers can now access everything in a combined subscription for a lower (but recurring) price. 

This tends to be our recommendation when deploying the BATON system for our own businesses and for clients: use subscriptions at a later stage.

This said it’s a good idea to start with the end in mind. If you know you want a steady revenue stream from subscriptions, build your initial products with this in mind. Design the “dream” subscription package for your customers and then work backwards - producing the different components one at a time as individual products. Then once they are all complete, you can bundle them up into a subscription package. 

Note: The key with a subscription business is therefore to control churn. To make sure that the incoming subscribers outweigh the outgoing subscribers so that we are always growing our subscription base.

This is a more manageable task than hustling up clients or one-off customers each and every month. 

PROS and CONS for this Type of Business


  • Recurring revenue - never underestimate how powerful recurring revenue is for scaling a business. Dependable, consistent revenue frees up time and energy for you to work on your business rather than in your business. 
  • Stacking revenue - whilst the cost to each subscriber might be small, recurring revenue stacks very quickly as you add more subscribers. The result is you’ll be able to hit financial freedom numbers very quickly once you’ve produced a valuable membership package.
  • Upsell potential - when deployed as an endpoint in your sales funnel (more on this in the BATON course), a membership becomes an easy to deploy yet super high impact upscale. By simply combining existing products, you can form a “super product” of sorts without actually having to create anything new.


  • High-value requirements - your subscription offers needs to be packed with a lot of value to make them attractive to subscribers. This means it’s difficult to start with a subscription business unless you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort upfront, creating a suite of valuable products. In the BATON system we instead suggest i) starting out knowing that you want a subscription one day, ii) sketching out all the products the subscription will contain and iii) building and selling those products one at a time. This allows you to work towards having a subscription offer. 
  • Churn - members will always leave your subscription once they’ve maximised their value (or decided the cost is too high). Reducing churn requires constantly adding new value to the membership (a la Netflix) or making it low cost enough to maintain a subscription doesn’t hurt too much. Managing churn will be a large part of your work whilst maintaining a subscription business - it’s part and parcel of the model. Thankfully it’s still less time consuming than seeking out new customers all the time! 
  • Technical complexity - setting up subscriptions is more technically complex than other business types. This is primarily because of the complexity of recurring payments. There are plenty of tools to get this done, but I’d recommend first deploying simpler one-off payments if this is your first online business.


Simply put, subscription businesses are hard to execute. Mainly because it requires a high-value requirement upfront. Which means high-cost setup. Instead if you follow the BATOM Model, you will - first get your various other forms of value (products, services etc.) up and running and selling. Prove that these are valuable to your customers. Build up a catalogue of value. Then combine all of that value into a subscription package. At this point you won't have to be chasing your next pay check, your subscription business will bring in automatic income.

How YOU can Get Started and Build Your own Attention-Based Online Business

Now before jumping in, creating a product and asking people to pay £2 a month for it, to then realise, people just don't care enough to subscribe. Pause! Instead... 

We want you to set off in the right direction and see this through. By learning how to build an Online Business - the right way. From the ground up. Avoiding all the expensive and time consuming mistakes we made when we started 15 years ago.

You can do this by learning the fundamentals. Which in turn will allow you to turn any idea into an automatic money making online business.

So it doesn't matter if you want to build an - attention, resale, service, product or subscription business - it all starts with the BATON Model.

We've created the BATON Model over the last 15 years through - building our own businesses and client business - to the tune of £10's of millions.

The BATON Model walks you through each vital stage an online business must have in place to guarantee financial success.

Here's a visual diagram of each important stage of online business you must set up and have in place:

BATON Model: 5 Key Stages to Any Business Success.

In fact, once you learn our BATON Model you'll be able to build any type of online business you want, whenever you want. It's that important to your online business success.

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