If you’re asking me the question – which content marketing is best – then expect the answer to be ‘video format’. But before we get to that, I want to say, well done for asking the question because, in that question, you’re working out what’s most effective.

In other words, what will get you maximum impact for minimal effort? And don’t worry if you feel guilty for thinking that way. In our world, you’re not lazy – your smart.

Because, as you’ll know (if you’ve attempted it), content marketing requires significant time, energy and resource.

Take our blog, for example. Writing a blog almost every day requires time and effort (sometimes hours on one article with the mind taking you everywhere besides the next paragraph). However, if you (know your stuff) and are smart about it, you can cycle and voice dictate at the same time. Bonus: You definitely won’t feel lazy doing it this way.


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Although I’ve referenced our blog, it’s not the best format for content marketing. Video is.

The video format is the best for content marketing.

There are three main reasons why video is the best format for content marketing. Each one applies to anyone who’s thinking about content marketing and wants the greatest return on time invested.

#1 People are used to it

Video isn’t a modern-day phenomenon:

The first plays were performed in the Theatre of Dionysus, built in the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century, but theatres proved to be so popular they soon spread all over Greece. Drama was classified according to three different types of genres: comedy, tragedy and satyr plays.

Let’s take stage plays, for example. Naturally, in the 5th century, they didn’t have the technology to show people a stage performance through a device. Still, the adoption of visual content has pulled in the audience since the beginning of time.

Once technology caught up, this later evolved into television, movies, YouTube and now video as a content format features everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Vlogs, Billboards, Streaming and more. Which meant we didn’t have to travel all the way to Athens to enjoy visual content.

Because it’s widely accepted as a trusted format, it’s no surprise it features everywhere.

The core reasons it’s widely accepted as a trusted format is that it’s the next best thing to being in person with someone. Which on a human level creates a level of connection beyond any other form of media. This is why we’ve seen YouTube, Facebook Watch, Netflix, TikTok, Instagram – completely revolutionise the way we consume video (and the way we create it).

The caveat here is, as peoples lives have gotten busier, mobile and varied, the second widely adopted supplementary format – Audio – is just as relevant.

This brings us to the next reason to use video.

#2 It’s easily consumable

People have adjusted to a life of on-demand everything. There’s a second layer to this that doesn’t get spoken about, which is, not only does the content have to be available on-demand, but it also has to be consumable on-demand.

For example, if you went to our free course on Udemy, you’d be able to access and watch 10 hours plus of Online Business content.

Which content marketing is best: Format
Available to access and consume in an instant!

The magic of video is the end-user can enjoy the content in a passive state. In other words, they could be lying horizontally on their coach with headphones in watching your video content on their phone.

So just like ordering food online, which appears at your doorstep piping hot (sometimes) ready to eat. By using video content, you’ll be creating the same feeling for your content consumers.

#3 It’s the easiest to produce

The temptation for most people is to avoid video altogether. Alternatively, they’ll try it, see that no one watching and use that as an excuse to stop creating video content.

It’s understandable because putting yourself on camera isn’t easy. No matter what anyone says.

A whirlwind of thoughts will already be causing chaos in your mind at just the thought of creating a video:

  • I don’t know-how
  • What tech do I need
  • That tech is expensive
  • What if no know likes me
  • The sound of my voice is gross

Anyway, it’s time to get corny:

A journey of thousand miles begins with on step – Lao Tzu

In the case of video, it begins with your first video. The good news is, it’s a muscle that you can train.

Here’s an example of a MEGA video creator from many years ago – Gary V:

And the same MEGA video creator today:

My main message here is, once you get over yourself (your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs), you’ll find that video is straightforward to create.

Here’s an example to emphasise the point:

Two write a 1,000-word ‘essay’. It will take approximately 3 hours 20 minutes.

Versus creating a video that produces the same word count in just 6.67 minutes.

So when I talk about creating SMART content, this is what I’m really referring to.

What does this look like practically?

Well, if your serious about maximising your time, the best way to produce content marketing with video would be to follow these exact three steps:

  1. Open up your the social media app where your audience lives (IG, TikTok, FB)
  2. Clicking the ‘Stream Live’ button
  3. Stream your video live and post once done

And hey-presto you’re creating content using video within seconds.

The big win here is, you won’t need ANY post-production. Take it from me. This will save you hundreds of hours (I’ve fallen into the trap of a perfectly produced video).

Before I move onto the summary, It’s worth noting not ALL video content has to feature your face. Yes – this is the best form of content because humans content with humans. But sometimes, you can get across the same message using other video styles, for example – Ken Burns effect imagery with a voice-over.

Summary of which content marketing is best: Video Format

The video format is, without a doubt, the best form of content to produce. This being said, it’s important always to select the best content format for your business. Although we’d still debate video has a place in your content marketing plan, we understand some peoples desire to only focus on text or audio.

One of my favourite audio-only podcasts is – Hardcore History, and I love it because it’s only audio.

Looping back to video, ultimately, It’s quick to produce, easily consumed, and people already trust it.

There’s a final benefit that Kyle has capture in his post about repurposing content. Which is a concept that, once understood, will transform the way you create content marketing. And will once and for all give you a solid answer for which content marketing is best – for your business.


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