You’re reading this right now because you’re looking for the world’s best business opportunity.

Unfortunately you’re not going to find it here. There isn’t such a thing and if there was why would I be telling the world about it here!

I’m just messing with you though. Sorta.

Why are you looking for the world’s best business opportunity?

The drive behind wanting to find the world’s best business opportunity is extremely understandable.

You’re looking for a way to change your life.

Having a great business that you own and run is one way to do this. You’ll be able to take control of your financial situation and build the life you deserve.

That dream and vision it very achievable.

However, it’s not gonna be easy. Especially if you spend your time looking for shortcuts and easy get rich quick schemes.

Now, I’m going to piss off some people accusing them of being lazy an work shy.

But the truth of the matter is if you are reading this article, titled the “world’s best business opportunity”, then you’re probably looking for a shortcut!

Again, the drive behind this is understandable. It’s the laziness in finding an idea that I’m pushing back on!

There is no best business opportunity

world's best business opportunity

By now some of you have probably left. And that’s fine.

For those of you who are left however I want to share a few words of advice.

The truth of the matter here is that there is no “best” business opportunity. It simply does not exist. I want to look at three reasons why it doesn’t exist and why looking for it does you ZERO favours.

Best business opportunity for YOU?

Even if there was a “best “business opportunity this does not necessarily mean that you, personally, are the right individual to be running this business.

The best business opportunity right now might involve knowing how to code a brand-new crypto currency. Or perhaps you need to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese to secure the best importation of a particular product.

Do you have the skills? If not then these are not the best possible business opportunities for you. Simple as.

They may be great opportunities for someone who has those skills. But for you? It’s a bad opportunity.

Therefore, even if there was a definitive, objective best business opportunity in the world it may not be suitable, feasible or realistic for you personally.

That’s perhaps a hard truth but it’s important to realise.

Instead spend some time discovering what a good business opportunity for you would be.

I’ve written elsewhere on this discovery process: what is the best business to start? In short it requires finding the intersection between what you’re good at, what are you enjoy doing and what there is a market for.

Best business opportunity right now?

The second truth that is important to realise is that the market is not static.

Even if there was an objectively best business opportunity right now (at this very moment in time) that would not make it the case a day, week, month, or a year from now.

The market is ever evolving. Supply and demand shift constantly. New entrants into the market come in to provide new products and services. It’s ever dynamic.

This means that even if I gave you the world’s best business opportunity today then in a few weeks time it might be worth nothing.

This is especially the case if you found this information online in a blog or perhaps a course.

A lot of  “gurus” sell the dream of online business passive income. But buyer beware!

Let’s say they have discovered a business model that works and is highly profitable. They go ahead and snap screenshot of the revenues and profits they are making on a daily basis. The screenshots look extremely attractive.

This person then packages up a course teaching their particular methodology. In it they show their earnings and then sell you a system which can provide these same riches to you.

Many of these systems will indeed produce an income. I’m not contesting that. It will require your time and effort and perhaps an investment of money but for the most part they will work when in the hands of someone who gets the work done. There are plenty of solid online business courses out there that are worth checking out.

However, think about how the economics of this work. If a course teaching these methods is wildly successful then there will be a lot of students out there in the market following the system. This in turn will flood the market with supply. When this happen prices fall and the profits diminish.

Example: Fulfilled by Amazon

This happened with Fulfilled by Amazon particular. FBA marketing was a great gold rush a few years ago. It was possible to find cheap products in China, slap them onto Amazon and make a profit through dropshipping.

Many people began to teach these tactics and the result was a lot of new sellers entered the market. When this happened supply began to exceed demand, prices fell and the profitability of Fulfilled by Amazon models decreased.

This is not to say that profit is impossible, only that it’s become more difficult as these methods and systems have become more widespread.

This is just a small micro example of how online businesses must remain dynamic. Even if I gave you the best online business opportunity right now it would not necessarily be the same situation a few months down the line. Especially if I’m teaching the same method to thousands of students!

For this reason it is important to continuously learn and know how to evaluate opportunities out there. Remain flexible instead of obsessing about the “best“ business opportunity.

How to evaluate the best business opportunity

world's best business opportunity

Finally, when just starting out in business it is very difficult for you to evaluate what is truly a good business opportunity.

Learning to separate the wheat from the chaff in business takes experience. If you’re just starting out you have no metric by which to compare different businesses.

How can you find the “best” business if you can’t yet identify good and bad businesses? Trick question: you you cannot!

Then how do you get better at evaluating businesses? By being in and around the world of business, working on your business on a daily basis and learning from your successes and mistakes.

All of this requires getting started. The longer you spend searching for the objectively “best“ business opportunity the more time you spend out of the arena. And if you’re out of the arena you cannot learn how to evaluate business opportunities.

It’s a dreadful chicken and egg situation of indecision and inaction. You want to know the best business before you start. But…until you start you don’t have the knowledge to know what the best businesses are!

World’s best business opportunity: Start with You

world's best business opportunity

Well, this is no fun is it? I’ve come along and crapped on your parade!

What about positive helpful next steps? Great idea!

Instead of looking for the best business opportunity in the world you need to find something that is suitable for you right now.

There are obviously two components to this. The first is finding something suitable to you. The second is finding something that works right now.

As mentioned above and outlined exercises for working out a good business for you personally to start. In terms of timing there is no better time to start that right now.

Best starter online business

The truth of the matter is that starting and running a business is a skill. The first time you do it you will most likely fail! And this is not necessarily a bad thing: this is how we learn.

The key for your first online business is to make sure that the learning opportunity comes with little to no risk.

Do not get obsessed with one idea and invest a lot of time and money into it. Make sure you do make the mistake of renting an office and staff so that you have high monthly overheads to cover. And please do not run off and quit your day job immediately to pursue your new online business.

Instead, start small and build slowly-learning as you go.  Keep risks and losses minimal so that you can always bounce back and continue to learn. Do not expect your first business to make you rich and help you retire early. Instead, think of your first online business as a school in which to practice and hone your skill at running an online business.

You came here looking for the worlds best business opportunity. Hopefully I’ve disabused of this notion. Instead, by following some basic advice you should be working out what the best business opportunity for you is right now.

Stop chasing the perfect. You will not find it and chances are you will stay in search mode instead of getting started.

Instead, it’s time to take the plunge and actually start something real. It may not be the “best“ business opportunity in the world but it will be your first online business.

From the starting point you’ll be in a better position to evaluate business opportunities and hone in on that elusive (perhaps impossible!) objectively best business opportunity.

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